Vegetables saved my life and keep me healthy

He is one of the few people in the world who suffer from Dermatological Myositis, an auto immune disease, which is a devastating illness. It has no cure and suffering from it is literally a death sentence.

Dennis believes he is alive today because of eating organic vegetables. Dennis had not always been sickly As a teenager, he was very vibrant, an achiever of sorts.

At 20, he owned his own company, was making films and creating marketing campaigns for his clients. He was commanding an income that many of us just dream about and for him life was good.

But in 2010, he suddenly fell sick. He was taken to the hospital, but despite numerous tests and treatments, the problem would not go away.

Having been misdiagnosed a number of times, he was in unbearable pain and seven months later his condition worsened and he could not walk.

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One day, his brother-in-law paid him a visit. He recommended a doctor friend of his to get a final opinion on what the problem was. Although Dennis had seen his fair share of specialists, he agreed to visit the doctor in Nairobi.

This visit proved to be a blessing as well as a curse for Dennis – he was diagnosed with Dermatological Myositis, a deadly disease that causes white blood cells to attack the body. While the doctors could prolong his life through medication, they gave him a period of six months to one year to live.

He was put on powerful steroids and immune suppressants and improved marginally. But his hair began to fall off and his skin was terrible. Osteoporosis set in and with the weak state of his body, the drugs he was taking were causing other deadly complications.

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He was admitted to hospital when his pancreas started failing and put on insulin to control diabetes, a side effect of the drugs he was taking.

The doctors treating Dennis eventually, at 22, discharged him from hospital to go and spend his last moments with his loved ones. His girlfriend (now his wife) was advised that movement had to be limited as even a trip to the hospital would just weaken him and could kill him.

The bills were crippling. For the first time it dawned on the couple that Dennis was going to die pretty soon.  But inside his crippled body, Dennis was not ready to die.

“I re-fused to accept death and made a conscious decision to live. I could barely use my arms and so I asked my girlfriend to search the internet for information about my condition and any possible cures,” Dennis re-calls.

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The search led them to an article that talked about healing of diseases attributed to eating a healthy diet containing lots of organic vegetables and smoothies (thick juice made from blended fruits and/or vegetables).vegetables).

By now, Dennis who was completely bedridden wondered where he could get these organic vegetables. “I sent my girlfriend to look for organic vegetables in all the markets, but no one could assure us that their product was purely organic,” he adds. “We decided to plant the vegetables in our backyard and I hang on to dear life as we waited for them to grow,” he says. “Three months later, they were ready and I started feeding on the blended vegetables using a tube…


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