Bidco Poultry Centre a first in Kenya.

Bidco Land O’ Lakes started operations in Kenya in August 2015 in Nakuru. The company has continued to improve feeds quality and productivity by using new technologies and by investing in a state-of-the-art laboratory.

It has also improved on product packaging and added special features to curb counterfeiting. The company has been talking to farmers and other stakeholders in order to address the bottlenecks that hamper efficiency and add unnecessary costs to the farming value chain.

One of such bottlenecks is farmers’ lack of access to quality products and information. One, for instance, has to visit different shops to get different products.

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Poultry farmers have to go to at least four different shops to get all the poultry inputs they need. Searching for inputs creates inefficiencies for, especially small-scale farmers, who may not have the means to do that.

Farmers need to spend most of their time doing what adds value to their core business. Products and information that farmers get from these different sales points are mostly not genuine, authenticated, or dependable.

That is one of the reasons farmers in Kenya have become sceptical and suspicious about every source of information. The people who operate these shops may not also be qualified and able to answer any queries correctly.

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To address this, Bidco Land O’ Lakes has opened a poultry centre in Mombasa, a first of its kind in the country. Poultry farmers now can get all their inputs under one roof. That will ensure that all products supplied through the centre are certified and of superb quality.

In the centre, farmers will access Bidco feeds and equipment used on poultry farms, medicines, day-old chicks, and other inputs. This will enhance farmer’s confidence and productivity because traceability will now be possible.

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The Centre also has a modern poultry library will all current and detailed poultry farming information. Farmers can access the library at any time inside business hours.

The library is also furnished with free Wi-Fi and computers, where farmers can access internet for any poultry research and information.

Farmers also can attend frequent trainings that will be conducted inside the Centre in different days of the week, all for free.

A poultry expert will also be available 24 hours to advice, assists, and support poultry farmers to achieve optimum productivity



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