Poultry diet has enhanced a lot over the years. Though there are improvements made on the dietetic features, a lot many nutritional problems are still remaining unsolved and serve as a challenge to investigators in this poultry field worldwide.

It is for this motive, the stakeholders in the sector aimed at educating visitors at the Aviana Kenya 2018 Fair held at Sarit Centre . The International Fair for poultry and livestock aimed at providing a platform to exhibit innovative technologies and identify distribution channels in Africa region as well as establishing a large business forum for supplier and distributors. It was a doorway to most of the enterprises and open Investment prospects and a great business opportunity for many in the poultry and livestock industry.

Genetic potential of broiler chickens is increasing daily hence modification of nutrient necessities is essential to bridge the gap between the genetic improvement and nutritional supplies. According to Mr. Magdy Ghoubrial, the Manager of Alpha Facts Health Solutions Limited and one of the presenters at the conference, “Essential amino acids required for poultry methionine is usually first limiting in diets based on maize and soybean meal. One cause of methionine deficiency is the fact that large amounts of vegetable protein complements are now used in feeds plus low levels of animal proteins .It is cost-effective to add methionine than natural protein to meet the situation.”

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The protein requirement of animals is more accurately a requirement for the building blocks of protein known as amino acids. Once consumed, proteins are broken down into amino acids, and they are then absorbed by the animal to produce the specific proteins that they require. While all amino acids are important, some cannot be produced by animals and must therefore be supplied in the diet. The amino acids that cannot be produced by animals are referred to as essential amino acids. Methionine is one of the essential amino acids for poultry.

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Methionine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is essential for strong and prolific poultry important for many different utilities in the body. By producing methyl groups, methionine is responsible for a variety of metabolic reactions. It is also essential for cell propagation and development. “It is a major component of feathers. Methionine and cysteine another sulfur-containing amino acid that is not essential in the diet are critical to feather formation. Deficiency of methionine results in poor feather growth and increased feather pecking. Methionine-deficient bird will tend to eat feathers in an attempt to obtain enough methionine. Feather nibbling can quickly turn into cannibalistic conduct in a group of Chickhen.” Mr. Ghoubrial notes

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The regulations for organic poultry production specify that poultry must have admittance to the outside, but they do not require that they have access to grassland. It may be very difficult to provide large poultry flocks with sufficient year-round access to quality pasture to meet their methionine requirement. This includes having alternative ingredients which are natural sources of methionine like fish meal high in methionine. Corn gluten meal is another possible methionine-rich feed ingredient.



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