Unique red fleshed apples hit the Australian apple market.

IFORED Consortium members have developed and harvested new apples with coloured flesh, from pink to intense red.

The production, developed under the Kissabel® project, is currently in the test stage and aims at harvesting the first commercial quantities within the next three years.

Expectations are high, since with their innovative look and excellent taste, the red flesh varieties have everything it takes to win over buyers and consumers.

“We learned about red flesh apples in 2011 when we were invited to join the IFORED Project in order to create a unique kind of fruit, clearly distinctive from all the other genetic developments- Our first challenge was to find the right growing area to get a bright red internal color,” says Riccardo Gatti, Production Planning Head of Unifrutti

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“After several seasons of evaluations, we selected the Southern area of our apple growing region. During this winter we will move from testing orchards to semi commercial orchards: we’ll have the chance to run the first commercial trials and storage tests from summer 2020. With the yearly release of new selections, we expect further improvement on fruit quality and storage performances in order to offer to consumers all over the world an outstanding family of Kissabel® apples,” he added

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Fruit produced initially will target the domestic Australian market, however the Asian markets immediately to the north will also be a focus.

It has exceeded expectations on flavor, texture, and internal red color and the apples’ large size, good fracture, clean qualities, and excellent flavor profile will  also be easily accepted in the North American marketplace.

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IFORED Consortium reunites the leading fruit marketers from five continents, joining forces to perfect and bring to the market the Kissabel range of coloured-flesh varieties.


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