value added expo and science congress

Value addition and innovation were themes that rung out simultaneously at the Kenyatta International Conference Center during the better end of May, where a science congress by students and universities was taking place, while a value addition conference and exhibition progressed.

The exhibition, which saw a wide variety of people in attendance, was the first-ever trade expo held exclusively on the full agribusiness value chain in East Africa.

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The event, which featured cutting edge products and services, aimed at promoting the East African region by showcasing value-added products and production for investment and trade opportunities.

It was organised by Reeds Exhibitions and supported by the ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Kenya among other key stakeholders and partners. Meanwhile, outside the grand doors of the Tsavo ballroom, the National Science Congress was taking place.

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It included several high schools and universities from across the country, and only featured regional finalists from every category.



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