1 million kitchen gardens action plan ready


The Ministry of Agriculture is mapping out some 111,000 households across 21 counties, as initial beneficiaries of its kitchen garden starter kits.

The African Development Bank is supporting the project under the Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme Fund.

According to Agriculture Cabinet Administrative Secretary Anne Nyaga, the ministry already has an action plan to actualise the 1 million kitchen gardens initiative.

“The ministry has, in response to Covid-19, the current ongoing floods, and the locust invasion, intensified its focus on nutrition programmes by leveraging ongoing government and donor-funded programmes,” she said.

Through the project, the government intends to provide kitchen garden starter kits to vulnerable households across the country.

The kits comprise seed inputs of five types of vegetables (kale, spinach, black nightshade (manage), amaranthus (terere) and cowpeas seeds and solar driers to enhance the preservation of vegetables.

 In a bid to boost its campaign for a steady food supply, lifestyle change and the adoption of healthy diets in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the Agriculture ministry last month launched a national kitchen garden campaign targeting one million households.

The private sector had started the project by donating 250,000 kitchen garden starter kits to the ministry.

The programme is being undertaken under the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Project (NARIGP) and the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), which are both government initiatives funded by the World Bank.

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