A million Kenyan homes targeted for kitchen gardens in Covid-19 war

To boost its campaign for reliable food supply, lifestyle change and adoption of healthy diets in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Agriculture has today launched a national kitchen garden campaign, targeting a million households.

Speaking at the launch of the National Covid-19 Nutrition and Healthy Diet Guidelines, Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Anne Nyaga said that it was the moment for Kenyans to take “a proactive approach in radically changing lifestyles to adopt healthier diets”.

Gardens for urban and rural dwellers

The 1 million kitchen gardens campaign will target both rural and urban dwellers.

The gardens, which occupy a limited space, will enable households to plant and harvest mostly vegetables, not only for family use, but also for sale.

According to the CAS, the beneficiaries will be required to set up the gardens on their balconies, estates, home gardens and compounds.

She said the ministry would assist in setting up the kitchen gardens.

In the first phase, the ministry will partner with county governments in targeting the most vulnerable households to benefit from the free kitchen garden starter kits.

Already 250,000 starter kits donated

The private sector has donated 250,000 kitchen garden starter kits to the ministry, with the CAS calling on more corporates to support the project.

The programme is being undertaken under the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Project (NARIGP) and the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), which are both government initiatives funded by the World Bank.

The National Covid-19 Nutrition and Healthy Diet Guidelines were developed by agri-nutrition experts in the Ministry of Agriculture in partnership with the Ministry of Health and county governments, with support from the Food Agriculture Authority (FAO) and development partners

The guidelines include toolkits with affordable technologies for the creation of kitchen gardens.


  1. Am Diploma in General agriculture holder fresh from college where this initiative of kitchen gardening was my first practical after school…am currently doing Bag Gardening(spinach, Kales,) where i believe i can of great help if involved

  2. I would like to be one of the one million kitchen garden n I already have started the Kitchen garden kwa farm yangu hapa kirinyaga


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