Agri Frontier launches West Africa office in Nigeria


The agricultural sector in the Central and West African regions will benefit from the newly launched Agri Frontier office in Nigeria.

Working in collaboration with the IITA Business Incubation Platform and the Cropnuts Agriserve, Agri Frontier will provide opportunities for farmers in the two regions through research, innovation, precision agronomy, credit building, and business development.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), despite the success of Nigeria’s oil industry, agriculture remains the base of its economy

Challenges such as production hurdles, irrigation development, limited adoption of research findings and new technologies as well as poor access to credit have plagued the sector. 

“We believe the very best agri-businesses that thrive are those able to combine technical and operational excellence with sound commercial, strategic and financial decisions,” said Mr Andrew Ritchie, the managing director, Agri Frontier.

The services

Agri Frontier specialises in agri-business and agri-investment advisory services. It also develops strategic business and operational plans and investment strategies, and identifies, develops sources for and creates investment opportunities, within the agricultural sector.

The IITA Business Incubation Platform Ltd nurtures technologies coming from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Africa’s leading partner for research and development in the agricultural industry. Cropnuts AgriServe provides professional technical services in agronomy advisory, soil suitability assessments and laboratory analysis.  

Based in Ibadan, this collaboration combines the best technical and research advisory, with sound commercial business and investment advisory.

Other services that will be offered will include development of strategic business and operational plans and investment strategies, identifying  and creating investment opportunities, within the agricultural sector, merger and acquisition services, including commercial due diligence & post acquisition support and feasibility studies.

Businesses interested in being ‘investment ready’ (expansion capital or outright sale) and to raise finances (grant, debt and equity, will also receive assistance.

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