New cutting edge biological pest controls enter Tanzanian market

Mealy bugs are one of the pests that affect flowers.

Flower and vegetable growers in Tanzania, now have a wider range of biological pest control products to choose from thanks to the entry of Dudutech biological products, into the market.

The portfolio approved by Tanzanian authorities, includes beneficial mites and fungi used to sustainably protect crops against Thrips, red spider mites and root knot nematodes. The products, trading as Beauvitech, Mytech and Phytotech, will enable flower and vegetable growers to harness nature to protect their crops in a sustainable, environmentally intelligent way.

“Tanzania’s agriculture sector is large and growing, but farmers face major challenges in sustainably protecting their crops against pests and diseases. This ultimately impacts on access to external markets and their bottom line.”  said Livingstone Chepukel, Dudutech East Africa Sales Manager

These solutions which were specially designed and developed under a “by growers for growers” mantra seek to provide a farmer-focussed alternative approach to crop protection. The formulations are also designed to allow farmers to apply the product and safely interact with the crop immediately after spraying.

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