Women and youth fund in Taita Taveta

Capital fund for agribusiness in Taita Taveta

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A Sh5.1 billion capital fund in Taita Taveta County has women and youth groups in agriculture hopeful for the future.

by Luther Osier

A field coordinator from the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC) urged the county to popularize the newly deep kitty. This being in hope that knowledge will push residents into development and build resilient communities.

“I urge the departments altogether and the county as a whole to promote information to the targeted groups so that they can take full advantage” the field coordinator shared.

The KCIC is offering equal opportunities to every group with a specific focus in addressing major challenges for women and youth. In addition, opening up the doors when it comes to the agriculture sector at the grassroots level.

“Access to the fund is not biased as our focus remains set on defeating the challenges that women and the youth face in exploiting the massive potential of the agricultural sector at the grassroots,” the coordinator spoke.

The fund began an the beginning of March 2020 under the title AgriBiz but dipped soon after due to Covid-19. However, it is now in full full roll-out mode and the county of Taita Taveta is in perfect position to receive the positives.

Nationwide, the AgriBiz program hits 2,400 women and youth-led SMEs in specific agricultural enterprises. This creates jobs across the country, particularly for poverty stricken and marginalized counties. ­­


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