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Caring for livestock during the rainy season

Read highlights relating to animal husbandry that cut across livestock ventures

How to make your own natural pesticides

  The best time to spray is early in the morning and evening to avoid disintegration from the sun and to kill predators and beneficial insects….

Why You Need Livestock Scales

  Weighing livestock is vital for the following reasons: To monitor their health  Livestock scales help in detecting sudden weight loss in animals, which could indicate…

Kenya, Tanzania rank high on animal welfare in Africa

  Kenya and Tanzania have edged out other African countries on animal welfare ranking, a new report shows. Releasing the Animal Protection Index (API) 2020 report,…

Why dogs bite during the rainy seasons

  In Kenya, most dog bites happen during the rainy seasons of March – May and October – November. This is because the seasons coincide with…

Mistakes you are likely to make when you diagnose your animals online

  With the advent of technology and unprecedented communication media, there has been an influx of virtual farmers and those who seek services from professionals virtually….

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