cotton farming in Homa bay

Cotton Farming boom in Homa Bay

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Farmers in Homa Bay are celebrating new income from cotton farming. One Rose Anyango shared how the new venture helps her earn a living for her and her family. Mr Charles Nyayiera, County Director of Agriculture, said the soil and weather in Homa Bay is ideal for cotton farming.

Further, Ms Anyango spoke on the assistance she received from cooperatives and organized groups to become successful in this endeavor. Independence has come from Ms Anyango’s cotton farming as she is now able to meet her financial needs.

“My children are educated up to the University level. Furthermore, I have built myself a house from the money earned through cotton farming,” said Anyango. Additionally, she has grown her wealth in livestock and in other ways.

Anyango comes from Homa Lime within Karachuonyo Constituency and belongs to ‘Dier Aora’ Cooperative Society, a group that has been growing cotton for the last 8 years.

The group was founded in 2012 as a women’s group of 18 members who oversaw a small amount of money. They later started growing cotton individually and would accumulate the produce, sell it together and divide the funds.

The profits at the time, couldn’t sustain any of the women’s livelihoods; “A kilo of cotton was only 20 shillings and payment came between two weeks and a month after delivery of product.” She recalled. She is grateful to the County government of Homa Bay in conjunction with the European Union through the Rift Valley Products limited (RVP), which came in and revived the activity for the betterment of her life.

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