Cow milk tops list of most widely cultivated agricultural product worldwide

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Cow milk tops the list of the most widely cultivated agricultural commodity across the world, followed by sugarcane, corn, wheat, and rice, according to a new report published by a university in the US.

By David Kipkorir

According to the survey cow milk is the top agricultural product in 38 countries, while wheat is tops in 14 countries.

Concerns have been rising over the future of the world’s food supply, due to challenges of climate-change, the recent global pandemic, and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

With these concerns coming to the fore, researchers at the University of the Potomac decided to review all current data available to shed some light on where in the world our food comes from and to find out which countries are the largest importers and exporters.

The findings are compiled in a report entitled Where Does Our Food Come From? The Largest Agri Producers and Exporters.

The researchers contend that the war in Ukraine has disturbed the world food market, as Ukraine and Russia are among the largest food producers in the world, with Ukraine being the largest producer of sunflower seeds (a crucial agricultural commodity in food production factories).

These factors created uncertainty among people about the future of our food production.

Germany is one of the biggest milk producers, with over 33 million tons of milk produced every year. In monetary terms, this adds to 12.9 billion US dollars.

New Zealand is another big cow milk producer, with 21.9 million tons of milk produced every year, reaching a market value of $7.8 billion.

Other key producers of cow milk include the United Kingdom 15.5 million tons, Netherlands 14, 5 million tons and Poland 14,8 million tons.

Italy 12.7 million tons is another as are Uzbekistan 10.9 million tons, and Ireland 8.5 million tons.


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