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  • Edition 47
    In this edition read about
    • 1. Tumeric, the golden spice
      of life
    •  2. Rearing broilers successfully
    • 3. Want to keep Kuroiler chicken?
    •  4. Controlling the papaya fruit fly
  • Edition 46

    • Discover why onions from Tanzania are giving Kenyan farmers sleepless nights. Also learn the step by step process of growing well-cured onions that fit the bill
    • From only one quarter of an acre with a little over 300 apples trees, read about this Eldoret farmer who is reaping handsome returns
    •  10 ways to achieve peak milk yeild from your cows
    • Read about how vertical farming is fulfilling Ms. Josphine Favre  dream of ensuring that one in her home continet of Africa

    Edition 45
     In this editon read about:
     1.We tell you what you need to know about the gooseberry, considered wild but a money spinner for farmers.
    2. Locust invasion. How far have we come? What do we need to do to combat the situation
    3. Designer cattle that are perfect models
     4. Looking to buy quality Semen, Animal feed or Seedings? find out where to go.
    5. From 15 bags of Maize to 48 bags on the same piece of land, find out how.
     Choose to be Smart, Choose Us.
  • Edition 44

    The future of agriculture is in smart operations and value addition. And it has been our motivation all along, as Smart Farmer magazine, to always show farmers that it is possible to run their enterprises in agribusinesses that create wealth and boost community and national prosperity.

    DON’T MISS the knowledge about how livestock farmers use of Bracharia grass to save them money and also help cut emissions by 60 per cent. It is not only a nutritious meal for livestock, but it is also a great nitrogen fixer.

    There is much more to enhance knowledge and hone the skills of farmers to enable smart initiatives on the farms. Enjoy the read.

  • Edition 43


  • Edition 42.

    Inside this edition :

    • Simple ways to triple your milk production
    • How drones are helping small-scale farmers in Meru control crop pests
    • Sorghum changing lives of farmers in western
    • Keep mangoes fresh for 28 days by waxing them
    • Citrus greening disease worries farmers
  • Edition 41

  • Edition 40

  • Edition 40

  • EDITION 38

  • EDITION 36

  • Edition 34

  • SF Edition 33


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