The 6 step process on setting up a borehole:

  1. Carry out a geological survey to find a source of water.
  2. Once granted permission by the authorities, drilling process can begin. Boreholes are sometimes 250 feet deep.
  3. Pipes are then sunk and filtration system added.
  4. Electrical pumps, a control unit and a variety of electric motors and valves are set up at the surface.
  5. Debris is removed from the borehole by forcing water down the pipes and then back up.
  6. The purity of the water is tested before it is ready for use.

5 borehole drilling requirements:

  1. Borehole drilling licence from the Ministry of Water and Natural Resources.
  2. NEMA report, a mandatory requirement for environmental impact assessment test.
  3. Geological/hydrological survey done by a registered geologist. This is to give the accuracy of the depth of the water and the best site.
  4. Authorisation from the Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA).
  5. A water analysis report.
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