Vegetable and fruit farmers can now access markets for their produce following a request by Twiga Foods Ltd for supplies of fresh produce.

In an advert, the company said it intends to fill the gap left within the supply chain by the Covid-19 pandemic-related social distancing and movement restrictions.

It is offering to source its fresh produce from uncontracted farmers as well. Normally, only contracted farmers can supply the firm with produce.

Twiga Foods also has a technology-enabled platform through which retailers order fresh and processed food by phone and have it delivered to their shops.

Those intending to supply farm produce can download the Twiga Agent App on play store and follow through the registration.

Qualified farmers will be required to supply fresh produce in medium or large-scale to the company’s premises in Nairobi.

Twiga Foods will then supply the produce to retailers, who will have also registered and made orders on the same platform.

The company is looking for farmers who can supply produce, including tomatoes, onions, watermelons, carrots, avocadoes, capsicum, local oranges, pineapples and leafy greens.

The offers a reprieve to vegetable and fruit farmers who have lacked outlets for their products after several markets were closed to discourage overcrowding and curb the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.


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