Avocado farming in Naivasha gets a major boost from Israeli investment

By David Kipkorir

The avocado farming sector in Naivasha has received a significant boost with the inauguration of one of the largest farms in the region, courtesy of an Israeli investor. The expansive 400-acre Granot International farm, situated in the Ndabibi area of Naivasha, is set to provide employment opportunities to over 1,000 individuals, a number projected to triple within the next few years.

This development follows the commitment of the Israeli government to collaborate with Kenya in expanding both the acreage dedicated to avocado cultivation and the integration of cutting-edge agricultural technology.

Giyora Merom, the CEO of the farm, affirmed that they would leverage their 70 years of experience in growing avocados in the region. Merom also emphasised that the production costs for the avocados were favourable and economical when compared to rivals in Peru, Chile, and Spain. However, he acknowledged that the challenge of production costs was a global concern stemming from climate change and surging fuel prices.

“We have invested millions of dollars into this initiative, which we anticipate will generate job opportunities and create a new market for our produce,” Merom stated.

The farm has already amassed over 300,000 seedlings aimed at equipping local farmers with technology geared toward augmenting yields, given the substantial global demand for the product. However, a significant hurdle faced by the farm, according to Merom, is the substandard road network that hinders convenient access.

Israel’s ambassador, Michael Lotem, identified this venture as one of the numerous agricultural projects endorsed by his government. He revealed that Israel, in collaboration with the local government and other stakeholders, plans to establish additional farms in the country to disseminate knowledge among farmers.

Leonard Bor, the chief executive committee member for Agriculture in Nakuru County, expressed the county’s dedication to expanding the acreage allocated to avocado cultivation, considering it their flagship produce.

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