The Ministry of Agriculture has called upon Kenyans to practise food preservation as a means to and cushion the country against post-Covid-19 shortages.

Through guidelines issued by the ministry, Kenyans have been urged to adopt basic food preservation methods. This will ensure that most families have enough food to meet their basic nutrition standards.

Food preservation will also reduce perishability as well as movements to the market, which will help in avoiding overcrowding in market places.

“Preserving food also avoids food loss and saves money spent on food,” said the ministry in a statement.

The guidelines give several options and procedures of food preservation that can be applied both at home and in businesses.

Among the food the ministry is encouraging Kenyans to preserve are vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Refrigeration and drying are among the methods the ministry is encouraging Kenyans to use.

The guidelines are contained in the National Covid -19 Nutrition and Healthy Diet Guidelines launched by the ministry in Nairobi last week.


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