New four-phase kienyeji feed enters market

Kienyenji chicken

It is good news for poultry farmers following feeds manufacturer Bidco Land O’ Lakes’s unveiling of a four-phase feed, especially made for the kienyeji breeds.

The most recent Kenyan poultry census has placed the total number of chickens at 45 million. Some 75 percent (34 million) are indigenous /kienyeji birds, 23 percent exotic birds – both broiler and commercial layers – and the remaining two percent consists of turkeys, geese, ducks and other domestic birds.

Kienyeji chicken is a delicacy in high demand to most people due to its tasty eggs and lean meat. However, despite the important role kienyenji chickens play in our economy and the livelihood of the small-scale farmers, feed manufacturers have neglected the sector.

Bidco Land O’Lakes turned to research, American technology and Innovation to come up with the four-phase feed for the kienyeji chickens, the first of its kind in the market.

Previously, only phase 1 (Kienyeji Mash) was mostly available. Most feed manufacturers insist that the kienyeji mash can cater for all the growing phases, from a chick, to a cock or egg-laying kienyeji chicken, which is misleading.

The feed may be suited to one stage, say layers, making it inappropriate for other stages.

In addition, where the feed might have all the nutrients required for all the different life stages, it may turn out to be too expensive for the farmer.

The four phases of Bidco Kienyeji feeds are aimed at a specific life stage of all kienyeji birds, as well as the improved breeds.

Ingredients used to make the feeds are locally sourced and natural in order to maintain the chicken taste, egg/meat texture, and colour.

“Kienyeji Chick is appropriate for day-old chicks up to eight weeks of age.  This chick feed is high in protein and vital nutrients, ensuring that your kienyeji chicks have a quick and healthy jumpstart to life, build strong immunity, and good body development.

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“Kienyeji growers” is ideal for birds between eight and 20 weeks. Its optimum nutrition is geared towards the needs of a developing and growing kienyenji chicken for faster growth, earlier maturity and early laying of eggs.

“Kienyeji layer” is ideal for laying birds at the age of 20 weeks and above. The feed is nutrient-rich in protein, calcium and other minerals that are important for a top laying kienyeji birds. Its formulation ensures that after the laying period, the hen is still good enough for meat.

“Kienyeji meat/ finisher mash” contains natural ingredients required for quick and optimal growth rate for Kienyeji chicken. It ensures that the Jogoo (cock) reaches the desired market weight and size faster, and remains lean and soft with quality and tasty meat

Benefits of the four-phase diet

  1. Cost-effective and hence higher profit margins for the farmer.
  2. Highly nutritious feed that offers consumers what they are looking for in a kienyeji diet.
  3. Age-targeted formulation to ensure optimum performance.
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