Push Pull in Western

‘Push Pull’ weed and pest control process in Western

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Cereal farmers in Migori are being urged to work with the “Push Pull” system. This organic technology works efficiently to eradicate farm pests and weeds.

A representative from the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) Mr Otato spoke on the push pull system.

                                                      “This farming system incorporates the use of fodders and cereal crops with the aim of managing pests and weeds. It involves                                                                             intercropping cereals with a repellent plant that deters pets and weeds from target food crops.”

Mr Otato visited farmers in Suna East Sup County through the Ripple Effect NGO and noted that the push pull technology is extremely beneficial as it is a natural wat of eradicating weeds and pets without affecting soil fertility, soil erosion and soil population.

One of the plants that was suggested for this process is desmodium, a feeder fodder for animals.

This crop repels rodents like mice and striger weeds that frequently deprive nutrients in cereal.

In addition, this fodder could be used as feed for animals with the high concentration of calcium, it would benefit dairy cows greatly.

“We are encouraging our cereals farmers to embrace a less expensive technology of eradicating weeds and rodents. Instead of depending on pesticides that are not only expensive but also pollute our soils through soil erosion and acidity,” said Otato.

Moreover, striger weeds are predominantly in Western and Nyanza regions hence the ‘push pull’ process being welcomed.

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