Ms Bernadette Murgor, CEO Smart Farmer Africa Ltd, receiving a gold award at the KEONLINE Digitally Fit Awards 2023, recently.

Smart Farmer Africa Wins Gold in National Awards

By Zablon Oyugi

Smart Farmer Africa (SFA) has won gold in the national Digitally Fit Awards 2023 for its exemplary performance in online publishing. The agricultural media publisher was feted in the Business of the Year, Creating an Impact Online category.

The annual competition is hosted by KEONLINE.BIZ, a renowned Nairobi-based firm specialising in providing search engine services for businesses, companies, and brands. It aims at acknowledging and honouring entities and individuals with a notable online presence, recognising their impact through websites, social media engagement, and overall online visibility.

The award ceremony held recently at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, not only celebrated SFA’s success but also paved the way for the top three businesses in each category to compete on an international stage.

Ms Bernadette Murgor, CEO of SFA, expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasising the organisation’s commitment to making a positive impact in the agricultural information space. She highlighted the focus on inspiring and informing a diverse audience, especially smallholders, in navigating the dynamic agribusiness landscape.

“This victory underscores SFA’s digital fitness in disseminating information through various online platforms, including our website and diverse social media outlets. It signifies the extensive reach we have across diverse audiences,” Ms Murgor said.

Attendees follow proceedings during the Digitally Fit Award ceremony.

“As our name suggests, we advocate not only agriculture but also farming practices conducted ‘smartly’.  This approach aims to enhance both the quantity and quality of produce, improving income and livelihoods, while simultaneously encouraging youth participation in various industry value chains,”

This year’s competition, she added, attracted many participants, indicating increased professional and client trust and credibility for SFA, besides attracting new talent, partners and industry leaders.

“Going forward, we want to continue producing impactful news and feature content, ensuring that the organisation remains at the forefront of the industry,” she explained, as she outlined the vision of guiding farmers towards emerging technologies, promoting sustainability, and addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

Second from left, CS for Public Service, Moses Kuria was Guest of Honour. Seated next to him on the left is Alphonse Juma of KEONLINE

The Digitally Fit Awards is just one of many competitions in which SFA has excelled, showcasing the organisation’s rising visibility and trust among its esteemed audience and partners. Among these have been Agricultural Publisher of the Year 2022 in the African Excellence Awards (Mea Markets), In 2020, Top 10 Agricultural Magazine on the web (Feedspot), Best on-the-web media for agriculture in East Africa in 2018, winner AECF Challenge Grant in 2015, and Finalist Media of the Year, Diageo Business Awards in 2012.

The company remains dedicated to maintaining its leadership position in the agricultural communications sector and helping to steer farming towards a more sustainable future.

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