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How to stop two-spotted spider mites having a bed on your roses

Two-spotted spider mites, also known as Tetranychus urticae, pose a threat to rose growers worldwide. But while some farms still struggle to get to grips with it, Kenyan growers stand as an example, with biological control incorporated in their DNA. Here, Dr....

How Africa Soil Health experts have made more farmers smile than expected

Three Men Farmers holding maize
A soil health consortium has reached more than 1.3 million smallholders in sub-Saharan Africa, helping them to grow more and better crops. This has increased their livelihoods and boosted local, regional and national food security. The Africa Soil Health...

This is why camel rearing is good for Africa

With proper and adequate investment, the country could turn camel milk into a top foreign exchange earner. The Kenya Camel Association says that for a long time the camel milk industry has been undervalued but could easily rival the other foreign...

KALRO releases new potato seed for multiplication

Karlo logo
The Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO), has officially released a new seed variety - Potato basic seed, for multiplication. According to KALRO, potato basic seed is produced under the highest level of genetic control to ensure that it...

Six trees for your year-round supply of fruits

Fruits supply vital vitamins and minerals. A study conducted in Machakos County in Kenya shows that planting a carefully selected portfolio of easily grown fruit species will ensure you have fresh fruit throughout the year.  “We found that existing...

Village Knowledge Centre empowers Kangundo farmers

Three people at Kangundo Ict centre
A village in Kangundo, Machakos County, is thriving because of a most unlikely form of farming - growing grass. Muisuni Village, which is only 70 kilometres away from Nairobi, had until 2016, struggled with a hostile climate.  The residents...

Testimony: Growing coffee still profitable

Youthful Nyawira Njiraini, keenly inspects the coffee cherries on her quarter-acre plot in Kiratina Village, Kirinyaga County, and breaks into a smile. The information and technology graduate of Kenyatta University believes she has found her real calling. She has...


European producers are now increasingly using genomics to grow superior and highly efficient cattle herds, and get premium prices for both milk and beef.  Genomics technology began in 2009, and involves carrying out tests on elite animals to determine...

The power of unified digital agricultural services

overhead photos of drone sprayin a farm on left a tracor
Digital agricultural services can be valuable in multiple ways to the cultivating smallholders and a range of other stakeholders in the agriculture sector. However these services are largely offered independently and somewhat in silos. Most service providers have a “walled-garden” approach and...

How to spray and get the most from your crops

photo people spraying
Most farmers have already completed planting and are now preparing for the next major task – crop protection through responsible spraying with agrochemicals. This is an essential operation for good yields, though it may be the most expensive input...

ADC – one stop for quality semen, animal feeds, seeds, and seedlings

photo of a man holding a cow at ADC
poor quality semen, uncertified seed, low-rate seedlings, adulterated or cheap quality livestock feed, and high cost of inputs are challenges that Kenyan farmers face constantly. In addition, is the lack of adequate extension services to advise them on best practices

NGO lauds court for halting maize imports

Greenpeace Africa has praised the High Court’s decision to halt maize imports into Kenya. This, the organisation says, gives the government a chance “to reconsider its decision and make the right choices by prioritising smallholder farmers, who are reeling...

COVID-19 response must target African agriculture and the rural poor

COVID-19 response must target African agriculture and the rural poor photo
Africa has so far escaped the worst health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the continent looks like it could be the worst hit from the economic fallout of the crisis: 80 million Africans could be pushed into extreme poverty if action...

1 million kitchen gardens action plan ready

The Ministry of Agriculture is mapping out some 111,000 households across 21 counties, as initial beneficiaries of its kitchen garden starter kits. The African Development Bank is supporting the project under the Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme Fund.

Banana Farming secrets revealed

Below is a general guide on bananas, their classification, growth, and management all through to maturity and harvesting. Classification Bananas are from the family Musaceae. The most commonly grown bananas are classified into two: (i) Musa acuminata and (ii)...

7 expert tips on financing your agribusiness

Lack of finance has commonly been cited as one of the key barriers to agriculture for the youth of Kenya. However, stakeholders recently challenged students during the Youth Agritalks at the University of Nairobi’s College of Agriculture and Veterinary Services to look...

Why You Need Livestock Scales

pigeons on scales
Weighing livestock is vital for the following reasons: To monitor their health  Livestock scales help in detecting sudden weight loss in animals, which could indicate a serious disease or health condition. Take the animal to a...

Managing aphid attacks on your tomato crop

photo of Aphids on tomato crop
There are two main types of aphids that attack tomatoes; the potato and green peach aphids. The potato aphid appears pear-shaped and its colour may vary from pink, green with pink spots to light green with a dark stripe.

Nakuru County to reforest through fruit farming

people attending to seedlings in nakuru
The Nakuru County government has launched a project aimed at the reforestation of degraded arable land through fruit farming. Under the Sustainable Land Management (SLM) programme through the National Agricultural Rural and Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP), the county intends...

Food firm helping farmers sell produce amid Covid-19 crisis

Soko yetu graphic illustration
Vegetable and fruit farmers can now access markets for their produce following a request by Twiga Foods Ltd for supplies of fresh produce. In an advert, the company said it intends to fill the gap left within the supply...

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