Tips on Growing Canola Seeds


Canola can be grown on a wide range of soil types.

It is best suited to clay-loam soils that do not crust. It cannot tolerate standing water or water-logged soils. It should not be planted on salt-affected soils.

Here is an 8 step breakdown on Growing Canola Seeds:

  • Plant canola seeds ½ -¾ inches below the ground; do not plant them any deeper than one inch or else they will not germinate.
  • Space the row six to nine inches apart, as spacing them any wider will make canola plant unable to compete well with weed. Water canola seeds only as necessary to keep the soil moist, but not soaking wet. Canola is susceptible to overwatering and too much water can kill the plants.
  • Fertilise canola with sulphur-rich fertilizer after planting. Direct contact of the seeds with fertilizer can damage them.
  • Weeding may not be required as it competes well with most weeds. Should the weeds become more persistent, spray with herbicide.
  • Treat diseases and insect infestation as necessary. Common Canola diseases include black-leg disease and white mould.
  • Birds also attack during the pod-filling stage where they eat the green seeds as they form.
  • Periodic monitoring of insects, weed, diseases and fertility can often reduce crop losses if problems are corrected in a timely manner.
  • Maturity period from planting to harvesting ranges between 75-100 days. Depending on climate and method of farming.

Points to note about growing Canola seeds:

  • One acre requires 3-kilos of Canola seeds.
  • Even though canola leaves may be eaten as leaf vegetables, this interferes with seed formation, hence lower yields.
  • Depending on climate conditions, farming techniques and seed quality, on acre yields between one to two tonnes.

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