The length of time the avocado tree takes before fruiting has often put off some farmers who would like faster-maturing crops.

The average length of time it takes is three years, however, some farmers and experts point out, a farmer can achieve a shorter fruiting time.

 According to Peter Mondo, the agronomist at the Elite Professional seedling farm, a farmer can start harvesting their fruit in two years or less, depending on the practices carried out.

The group has discovered that if you transplant the seedling on the farm before grafting, then grafting on the farm would ensure a strong more vibrant tree that takes a shorter time to fruit.

The root system of the avocado is very vibrant at a young age and grows long before they are ready for grafting, requiring them to be trimmed at the point of transplanting.

 This will require time for the roots to heal before Transplant before grafting If you transplant the seedling directly onto the farm before grafting, the roots will have enough time to establish.

You will also get a bigger scion for grafting, which will give you more fruits by the next season after the grafting has healed, a year later.

The bigger the tree, the more the fruits and the stronger the tree. When is the right time to transplant and graft? After about 120 days in the nursery, move the seedling to the farm.

 The recommended size when grafting is pencil size. By the second year, you should get the first fruits. Before you establish the nursery ensure that you have the right seeds.

 The right size of seeds when starting a nursery is also very key. The bigger the seed the better the tree you get because, during the first three months, the new plant feeds on the nutrients in the outer part of the seed to about six months.

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A Bad seed equals a weaker tree, small fruits. Ensure that you get the right variety, otherwise, your tree could grow but never bear fruits. Imagine waiting for two-and-a-half years and seeing no fruits because you were not careful about grafting.

Some roadside breeders graft when the seedlings are too young. The chances of the tree dying are about 70 per cent. You will water and water and water… but your trees will not grow.

Read the whole story HERE plus read how Mr Tuwei grows the grafted Hass and Fuerte avocado varieties. He has 575 avocado trees. 350 are aged 14 months and 150 are aged two months old. Interestingly, his trees mature very fast


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