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This Special Dairy Edition was borne out of our commitment to helping farmers get the right information to derive tangible benefits from their investment. We have done a wide-ranging evaluation of the state of the sector to establish how to revamp it.

One of the major write-ups explores the dairy sector’s roadmap to success. The Kenya Dairy Industry Sustainability Roadmap for 2023-2033 aims to enhance productivity, ensure quality and safety, reduce environmental impact, and promote a prosperous and sustainable industry

While for many years, Kenya has been a dairy powerhouse in Africa, with about 4.5 million cows, the largest herd on the continent, and 1.8 million dairy farmers, with production peaking at about 5.2 billion litres annually, the sector has been facing tough challenges. They include declining milk productivity amid rising population growth. Declining exports due to milk quality and safety, vulnerability to climate change, and stagnating incomes for dairy farmers, are some of the issues explored.

A ray of hope seems to be emerging, as the dairy sector has been selected as one of the key value chains for transformation. By 2027, the government aims to have doubled milk production from 4.6 billion litres to 10 billion litres, and grown dairy products to 1 billion litres.

The industry has just got a major boost from the introduction of the Magic50 cattle breed. This is one of the potential magical solutions to farmers’ woes. The Magic50 is a remarkable locally produced breed. It can thrive in diverse conditions, including low rainfall and poor-quality feed and maintain high milk production levels. This is a versatile asset for farmers seeking to improve dairy operations. To boost milk production, the government is also introducing the Girolando, a 5/8 cross between the Gir and Holstein cattle that is poised to revolutionise the dairy industry.

Also in this edition, we whet your appetite with
a delicacy. Browns Cheese factory at Limuru in Kiambu County is a revelation of the symphony of cheese-making. We visited the factory and wow, you and have all the information you need on cheese.

Browns is known for its great cheeses and has now added a ray of new pr oducts to its line including icecreams.

The popular famous Kalenjin mursik and the Kikuyu Kerimo are, can you believe this, cheeses.

In this edition, we also look into how the dairy industry is set for transformation with the introduction of a new law. The Draft Dairy Industry Bill of 2023, which is already in Parliament, is meant to help revolutionise the sector.

Also fascinating is a report on how a goat is a rising star in dairy farming. Traditionally, mention of the word dairy conjures up images of cows. These bovine icons have been the stars of the dairy world. However, dairy goat and camel farming are quietly but steadily capturing the attention of farmers, consumers, and experts alike.

We also give you useful tips on how to choose the right breed for your dairy farm. Farmers should select breeds, considering the available resources, environment, and the ability to sustain the animals.

Also get a rich offering of informative articles addressing production from calving through to lactation. We hope you


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