“Vipimo” Internet of Things Platform for Large Scale Farmers Keen to Lower Their Cost of Operations


Upande launched an Internet Of Things (IoT) platform dubbed Vipimo during the Naivasha Horticultural Fair.

Vipimo (Swahili for measurement) is a sensor subscription service for farmers who need to make data-driven decisions around water, climate, mobility, and performance of their physical operations.

The official launch was carried out by the Agricultural Counsellor of the Dutch Embassy of Kenya and Tanzania, Ingrid Korving, this coincided with Upande’s 10th year anniversary of operations in Kenya.

Speaking during the launch at the Fair, Mark De Blois, CEO of Upande noted the importance of planning for farmers and stated the importance of having a platform to measure all variables that facilitate for a successful planting season and to ensure farmers get maximum returns during the harvesting season.

“Weather patterns are shifting; climate variability is a fact. This brings further challenges to already challenging conditions for most farmers in Kenya. When do you plant, when do you irrigate, how do you ensure you get maximum return on your inputs? How do you make sure your farm is run well 24/7, 365 days a year? This is where Vipimo comes in handy and why it is important “ analysed Mark De Blois.

Vipimo sensors include (See here): water flow, water level, water pressure, temperature, humidity, power consumption, door position, vehicle movement, vehicle fuel level, soil moisture, pH, EC, weather station. Coupled with the launch of the new Vipimo platform (Visit site here) is Upande’s Kenya built IoT data logger dubbed “Kipimo”.

This dedicated low-cost electronic data logger will not only allow Upande to lower the cost of sensor subscriptions in the near future, but it will also create more innovative jobs on the continent.

Vipimo (see demo video here) targets medium to large scale farmers keen to lower their cost of operations, boost their profits, through quick response to actionable data. Future releases will target smallholder farmers.

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