1. As the saying goes, when the deal is too good, think twice. Con men will swindle you by taking advantage of your trust. As a farmer, think through everything that someone tells you. After being conned, a review will always reveal some little things that one let pass despite one’s sixth sense kicking in.

2. Buy your supplies directly from trusted companies and avoid dealing with middle men and women.

3. Farmers should be vigilant and do a background test. Try to talk to others to learn from their experiences. Do not call but go to the farms, if possible, because anybody could be on the other side of that line. If something does not add up, for instance, if the price is too low, think twice.

4. Finally, if you are selling your produce only harvest what has been paid for. Let the buyers approve that it is what they want to avoid con people who will negotiate downwards by complaining that the quality is bad. Remember, they know that your options are limited after you harvest, as time is no longer on your side, and will back out to force you to agree to their low counter-offer.

*Also The government should regulate the industry by vetting and registering and lisensing companies dealing with farmers.  

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