Why You Need Livestock Scales


Weighing livestock is vital for the following reasons:

To monitor their health

 Livestock scales help in detecting sudden weight loss in animals, which could indicate a serious disease or health condition. Take the animal to a veterinarian for treatment before the disease spreads to other animals.

To make breeding decisions

Since you can monitor the health and weight of the animals, you can identify the optimal time for their breeding. The weight data from the scales can help you make informed breeding decisions that assure the birth of healthier calves.

To accurately measure feed consumption

 Regular weighing of farm animals helps in determining whether you have to increase their feed or reduce it. The right feed conversion rate helps in determining the right portions to promote the desired growth rates.

To pick the right weaning time

You need to weigh the calves to decide the right weaning time. This helps in determining how well the calves integrate with the herd. Additionally, analysis of the weight data will help you to predict the future growth of the calves        

What to consider when weighing livestock?  

Establish goals and guidelines

 Make clear guidelines and determine what goals you want to achieve using the cattle scales. This will help in understanding how to use the scales to achieve your goals.

Type of scale

Determine which scale would fulfil l your requirements and goals, portable scales or permanent scales. You can move the portable scales from one place to another. Contrarily, you need to set up the permanent scales just once to start weighing.

Surface of scale placement

Place the scales on a fi rm and level surface. This ensures accuracy and safety while weighing the animals

Positioning of load cables

 Ensure the load cables are not twisted or pinched as they affect the accuracy of readings. Mount the load cell cables in a coiled fashion. Keep them out of the way from animal reach and human traffic.

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Presence of an electricity source

 Check if there is a power source nearby if; the weight display indicator requires AC/DC power. Keep the

Chute-Side table for necessary tools

 You need to ensure that the animals move quickly once they enter the scale to reduce their stress and potential weight shrinkage. Keep a chute side table consisting of all the necessary tools needed when the animal is on the scale. This will lower chute time and the amount of stress on the animal. (what is chute time…repeated…???)

Debris-free scale

Keep the scale surface clear of debris to avoid scale interference. This will ensure accurate weighing. A livestock weighing scale helps in optimizing the performance of the animals. Additionally, the cattle scales help in maximizing the profits as well.

Kevin Hill heads up the marketing efforts at Quality Scales Unlimited. Besides his day job, he loves to write about the different types of scales and their importance in various industries. He also writes about how to care for and get optimized performance from different scales in different situations.

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