Yatta MP teams up with Thika Cloth Mills to boost cotton farming

Yatta Mp teams up with Thika Cloths Mills to boost cotton production

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A partnership between Yatta Mp, Robert Basil and Thika-based industrialist company is working to boost cotton farming in the area.

by Luther Osier

This comes following the poor yield in the area as much as the variety of cotton planted was high.

The program will bring in hydro-energy to the farms. Free-flowing water from Athi and Tana rivers will irrigate these farms as well.

One of the major parts of the situation is the CEO if Thika Cloths Mills, Tejal Dodhia who will provide farmers with free BT seeds, pesticides and purchase all the cotton produced for her industry.

Earlier in the week, Tejal spoke on the situation and how she believes it will boost production and impact the industry perfectly.

Low production in previous years has been a devastating part of the industry, especially in Yatta, she shared. Poor rains are a huge factor contributing to the low yields as much as huge investments in other areas were made

However, she strongly believes this new collaboration will increase irrigation on farmland and in turn –production.

Thika Cloths Mill is among the industries that came into life after the government introduced the Buy Kenya Build Kenya slogan, giving it tenders to produce fabrics for the Kenya Defence Forces.

“The current drought has made it difficult to obtain cotton to run our industries. Areas like Yatta and Western counties struggle to generate enough. We only depended on Lamu whose production was enterprising,” said Tejal.

The MP said working with partners; he will propel cotton production to large-scale levels so as to complement traditional farming and boost farmers’ earnings.


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