About Smart Farmer Africa

Smart Farmer Africa Limited is a social organization which seeks to strengthen agriculture’s role as a motor for economic development and rural poverty alleviation through dissemination of agricultural information in Kenya. We serve as the dissemination arm of the sector through our publications, events, and farmer training programs.

Mission Statement: To unlock the potential of Agriculture in Africa through provision of inspiring, educative and informative content in order to accelerate smallholder farmers transition to sustainable agribusiness while increasing their capacity to  nourish the continent.

Company Goals and Objectives: To be the preferred go-to go organisation for reliable Agricultural information in Kenya to farmers around the country and to provide unequalled support and customer satisfaction to the stakeholders in agriculture and our clients respectively.

Spirit Message: Agriculture carries so much potential, and if harnessed in the right way can catapult most African economies into prosperity. We at Smart Farmer Africa are passionate about realizing this potential for Africa. We therefore take great pride in being at the forefront of creating information, platforms, products & services, and information pathways for agriculture content that have opened up the agriculture sector in Kenya. 

Target Market: Our target market are all the actors in all agricultural value chains in Kenya to whom our value proposition is to offer reliable information on farming, markets, access to finance, inputs, policy and technology. Our primary target is the smallholder farmer in Kenya  responsible for 70% of total agricultural production.

Sector Focus: SFA is dedicated to catering to the information needs of the Agricultural Sector in Kenya. The Agric Agriculture is the engine of economic growth in Kenya. About 75% of Kenyans earn all or part of their income from this sector. The sectors information needs are not sufficiently catered to and we exist to fill this gap. There is a renewed interest in Agriculture as the world population continues to grow and food security concerns become more poignant. We are well poised to take advantage of this situation by creating content that support the sector and providing information platforms where information can be accessed and disseminated

Core Competency: SFA through its flagship product the award-winning Smart Farmer Magazine was the premier platform dedicated to providing agriculture information in Kenya. We believe we best understand the needs of the smallholder farmer in Kenya and therefore best placed to cater to the sectors informational needs. 

Our Products and Services

  • Smart Farmer Magazine and Media

Smart Farmer Africa creates and disseminates useful content for and to the agriculture sector in Kenya through its flagship product, the Smart Farmer magazine, our website and social media platforms.

Our media channels have a total monthly  reach of 1 million farmers monthly and hence provide good access to organisations that want to gain access to the farming community.

  • Content Development and Management services

Smart Farmer Africa helps organizations with initiatives in Agriculture create content that can easily be understood, assimilated and used by the target audience. We develop newsletters, magazines, and other publications for agricultural organizations. We have developed content on behalf of organizations like Biovision Africa Trust, Kenya Year Book, among others.

We also help organisations store this content and disseminate it to targeted audiences. We do this through building of online agricultural repositories (for organisations that produce/handle a lot of content) and provision of digital dissemination services that are timely and efficient

  • Smart Farmer Events

We conceptualize, organize, and convene agricultural events that bring in different stakeholders within the sector. Our annual events include: 

  1. Smart Farmer Agri-Finance Deal Room (March/April)
  2. East Africa Digital Farmers Conference and Exhibition (May/June)
  3. Youth Agri-Talks (September/November)
  4. County Agri – Tech Talks (Quarterly)
  • Smart Farmer Financial Consulting Services

We organize financial literacy trainings for rural farmers. We also help farmers and agribusinesses create sustainable business models through business planning  and help them source for financing from commercial banks and alternative sources of finance. 

Send us an email to info@smartfarmerkenya.com if your organisation;

  • wishes to be featured on our magazine, digital and social media platforms.
  • wishes to reach a wide audience of farmers in Kenya.
  • has a need for content to be developed in a professional manner.
  • has a high volume of content that needs to be stored in an efficient, findable and usable manner.
  • wishes to participate in any of our highly engaging local and regional events.
  • wishes to train its farmers on financial literacy.

is looking for finance to expand its agribusiness operations

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