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How can we stop farmers from becoming extinct?

How can we stop farmers becoming extinct and inspire a new generation of farmers to stop the world going hungry?

Country’s export vegetables gets a boost with new project in four counties

Country’s export vegetables gets a boost with new project in four counties

New rice varieties needed as climate change threatens

Researchers at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) are, together with their partners in East Africa, developing a rice variety that is tolerant to both saline soils and floods

Agroecological farming to boost smallholder food production

  As millions of Kenyan smallholders struggle to deal with the changing climate and the Covid-19 pandemic, scientists believe that agroecological farming practices can help to…

How to grow Coriander, popular as ‘dhania’

Coriander, also known as dhania or Cilantro, is a multipurpose crop used in cooking in many Kenyan households

Solar-powered cooling plant for fresh produce farmers

Farmers in eastern Kenya will enjoy better prices for their fresh produce, thanks to a new solar-powered storage facility.

New FAO representative to Kenya takes office

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has appointed Ms Carla Elisa Luis Mucavi as its new representative to Kenya.

Should e-voucher benefit all farmers?

The distribution of subsidised fertiliser should not lock out large-scale food producers. Players in the agricultural sector have said that the e-voucher system, which is expected to eliminate the cartels

Cotton industry to benefit from procurement of BT cotton seeds by government

The cotton subsector is set for a major turnaround following the government’s decision to procure and distribute BT cottonseeds and pesticides to farmers in 23 counties.


This disease can reduce the weight of your banana bunch by up to 50 per cent and result in over 60 percent loss in production

International Dairy Federation elects new president

Mr Piercristiano Brazzale has been elected as the president of the International Dairy Federation (IDF)

Importance of dog vaccinations

Dog bites are responsible for 99 per cent of all cases of human rabies

CABI BioProtection Portal welcomes global associate

The CABI BioProtection Portal – an online bio-protection resource, available in four continents – has strengthened its ability to promote the worldwide adoption of natural pest control by welcoming BioProtection Global (BPG), a worldwide association of biocontrol and bio pesticides industry associations, as an associate.

Federation mounts exchange programme for women farmers

  By Jeremiah Chamakany Farmers have been urged to enlist as members of the Kenya National Farmers Federation (Kenaff) to enable them enjoy agricultural grants and…

Free milk cooling systems for Nakuru dairy farmers

  County enhancing value addition to stabilise milk market By Jackosn Okata Nakuru County is banking on value addition to stabilise raw milk market prices to…

Agricultural sector’s recovery to boost Kenya’s economy

  Kenya’s economy is expected to bounce back with an improved performance by the agricultural sector, a new report says. According to the report released in London…

Kiambu Poultry Farmers’ Cooperative: The power of a visionary group

  By Caroline Mwendwa  When egg prices dropped in November 2018 due to imports flooding the Kenyan market, local farmers were hit hard. They had nowhere…

How to install a biogas system

  By Clifford Akumu The cost of running farm machines can be very high, depending on the kind of fuel used. Biogas an environmentally friendly renewable…

8 tips to becoming a healthier farmer

  It is surprising that farmers grow food and keep animals to feed millions of people yet they  are not the healthiest. Eating healthier food is…

Book on food security launched

  The Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board has, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation, launched a new book on the technological innovations…

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