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Saturday, November 25, 2017
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Crop Farming

Potato farmers to benefit from new Nyandarua reasearch and production centre

Potato farmers are set to benefit from the construction of a research and production centre in Nyandarua County, which will guarantee farmers quality, climate,...


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Livestock Farming


10 uses of eggshells you did not know …

It is hard to believe that those shells we throw away, immediately after breaking actually have uses. Egg shells contain a very high amount...


Tips to milking your cows the right way

Milking is one thing many farmers take for granted, yet experts say it determines the quality and quantity of milk production, as well as...

Fair deal for coffee farmers

Coffee farmers under Fairtrade agreements received between eight and 26 times higher prices than those not affiliated to the global body, researchers at the...

Egg hatching turns into money spinner for medic

T he nurse, who quit his job to try his hand at agribusiness, is now raking in Ksh120,000 monthly from hatching chickens. All Mr...

Why you need to switch to chisel ploughing

Good land preparation is a key factor in good crop yields. Wellprepared soil ensures good water retention and drainage, as it controls weeds and...

Aphids, the sap sucking disasters

It is a common sight in many crop farms that cause a lot of irritation, distress and disappointment – vegetable leaves or plants curl...

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