How to retain lucrative EU rose cut flowers market    
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PAFO and AGRA sign deal to support African smallholder farmers
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Chebararwa Farmers’ Training Centre to avail high grade livestock for breeding at affordable rates
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Cooperatives continue receiving low milk supply due to Covid-19 pandemic
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Macadamia nut farming in Kenya
Pest and diseases that affect passion fruits
How to dry your fruits and where to sell them
Growing families through fruit farming
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macadamia farming in Kenya

Macadamia nut farming in Kenya

Macadamia is as precious as gold in the world of nuts. By 2011, only a few people knew that it was grown in Kenya. In…

How Sistema.Bio Is Improving Kenyans’ lives through Affordable Biogas Solutions.

Ann Kagendo (pictured below) got her biogas installation over one year ago. Before this, she was cooking with firewood. Apart from being a tedious job,…

Mango waxing

Want to keep your mangoes fresh? Wax them

In a few weeks’ time, the sight of rotting mangoes on farms will once again start haunting us. Reason? It is another mango harvesting season…

Why Tanzanian Onions are prefered by Kenyans

Nakuru County farmer, Mrs Elizabeth Kabilo, was bubbling with excitement. She had planted onions on a two-acre piece of land and everything looked great in…

How to grow apples

Mr John Munya pulls a metal hanging on a wire on his quarter-acre apple farm in Kimumu, Uasin Gishu County, and it bursts into a…

Kuroiler chicken farming

Mrs Teresia Ng’ang’  sells to her latest customer a batch of her day-old chicks , then makes her way back to the coop where she…

Housing preparation for broilers

Rearing chickens for meat (broilers) is a venture that is worth trying out. Broilers grow fast and are ready for slaughter at 20 weeks. Also,…

How to grow turmeric

Despite the lucrative returns of over Ksh500,0000 from half-anacre, turmeric is not as widely grown by Kenyan farmers as other high-value crops in the medicinal…

Millions of farmers get digital payments   

Digital financial transfers and vouchers will now be the new mode of payments adopted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to at least 10…

Can agriculture overcome its own water problems?

Agriculture requires a great deal of water. In fact, it uses 70% of the world’s freshwater supplies. For centuries farmers have found ingenious ways of…

How to dry your fruits and where to sell them

Maureen Ochieng has been a farmer in Siaya for the last five years. But it is in the last two years that she has realised…

A fatal attraction that controls the devastating fall armyworm

A fatal attraction that controls the devastating fall armyworm A recent scientific study found that a proprietary blend of naturally occurring moth attractants, is effective for controlling the fall…

SunCulture named to Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021

Off-grid solar technology company among top-ranked companies in the Most Innovative European, Middle Eastern, and African companies category  On March 10, 2021, SunCulture was named…

Standard Bank feeds millions of vulnerable South Africans and supports thousands of farmers

Standard Bank, South Africa has gone beyond providing just financial services and is feeding millions of the country’s vulnerable population. Through its OneFarm Share initiative,…

Kenya-UK free trade agreement set to take effect on 31st March

Kenya signed the Economic partnership Agreement (EPA) with the United Kingdom on December 8, last year, preserving duty and quota-free access for exports to Britain…


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