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Leather industry platform to boost EA trade
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New means to control spread of Brucellosis in livestock and humans
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Rice farmers tackling destructive Golden Apple Snails
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Brachiaria grass, a 'wonder grass' for livestock
Dairy Farming
The dairy sector on a ‘burning platform’
Act quickly to save Kenya’s Lakes and fish, urges Greenpeace Africa
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How to deal with ticks on your livestock
Efforts to revive ‘Black Gold’ renewed
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Use seedling trays for better germination and returns
How to get avocado trees to fruit at 14 months
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Macadamia nut farming in Kenya
How to retain lucrative EU rose cut flowers market    
How to grow sorghum and know the different varietys
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How to keep records on your farm
How to lime and test your soil

Macadamia nut farming in Kenya

Macadamia is as precious as gold in the world of nuts. By 2011, only a few people knew that it was grown in Kenya. In…

Pest and diseases that affect passion fruits

Nearly all passion fruit growing areas in Kenya are infested with the woodiness viral disease, USAid-Kaves says. This and other pests and diseases limit the…

How to grow sorghum and know the different varietys

Sorghum can be planted as a pure stand or intercropped with maize, beans, and cowpeas. Variety of sorghum Your choice will depend on what you…

How Sistema.Bio Is Improving Kenyans’ lives through Affordable Biogas Solutions.

Ann Kagendo (pictured below) got her biogas installation over one year ago. Before this, she was cooking with firewood. Apart from being a tedious job,…

KCAA to effect drone charges after approval

Kenyan farmers wishing to use drones can now breathe a sigh of relief, following the passage of a new set of regulations on unmanned aircraft…

What you should know about Agriculture in Nakuru County

In the first two decades of independence, the vibrant agricultural sector experienced robust growth rates of four to six percent, which put the country on an economic growth path towards prosperity.

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