1. AgriTech Talks University Of Nairobi

The University Of Nairobi College of Agriculture and Sciences (NUASA) in partnership with Smart Farmer Africa held an event at the University on 29/11/2019. The theme of the event was: Unpacking the cool in agriculture, the opportunities and substance. It was highly attended by university students and stakeholders.

2. AgriTech Talks Nakuru

The AgriTech Talks Nakuru was held on 6th- 7th Dec 2018 and took place at Nakuru county ATC. This was in conjuction with Ministry of Agriculture Nakuru county. The aim of the event was to educate, inspire, connect and engage the youth agriculture sector.

3. Smart Farmer Africa staff over the years

4. AgriTech Talks Eldoret

Smart Farmer Africa Limited in partnership with the University of Eldoret hosted the AgriTech Talks, a digital agriculture information seminar at the University of Eldoret Trade Fair between 20th and 22nd September at the University of Eldoret.

5.The East Africa Digital Farmers’ Conference and Exhibition:

The event took place at Kenya Agriculture Livestock and Research Organization (KALRO) grounds, on the 29th – 31st of May 2018, Smart Farmer Africa in conjuction with Kenya Agriculture & Livestock Research Organization held a successful event.

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