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Kenya heading towards starvation and who is to blame

It is hard to remember any decision that has ever harmed Kenya as much as the current recommendation pushing Parliament to adopt the European Union’s…

How to grow sorghum and know the different varietys

Sorghum can be planted as a pure stand or intercropped with maize, beans, and cowpeas. Variety of sorghum Your choice will depend on what you…

How to keep records on your farm

An old adage from my folks can loosely be translated as, ‘businesses fail because of poor accounting’. Contemporary business practices also emphasise the need to…

How Africa Soil Health experts have made more farmers smile than expected

A soil health consortium has reached more than 1.3 million smallholders in sub-Saharan Africa, helping them to grow more and better crops. This has increased…

What you should know about Agriculture in Nakuru County

In the first two decades of independence, the vibrant agricultural sector experienced robust growth rates of four to six percent, which put the country on an economic growth path towards prosperity.


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