Artificial Insemination in Busia County

Artificial Insemination (AI) is strongly taking shape amongst dairy farmers in Busia. Numerous farmers are using the process in breeding exotic cows to close the milk demand gap.

Therefore, the county is working with Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems KCDMS, Feeds Africa and Orion Farm care enterprise. All of this is being done through ‘Fixed Time Artificial Insemination’, that allows farmers breed higher yielding calves.

USAID spoke on the five-year plan; Feed the future Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems Activity (October 2018- September 2022), The program aims to facilitate improved productivity and develop competitive and sustainable dairy and horticultural market systems. The program will target Western and Eastern regions mainly.

Progress of the Artificial Insemination in Busia County so far

Speaking in Sidende area, Bukhayo West ward in Nambale Sub County, Denis Odhiambo, a Veterinary Doctor in Busia, said they have reached to over 3,000 farmers within the county who have embraced AI technology. The aim is to have a breed that can produce over 20 liters of milk per cow in a day.

“We managed to reached out to over 3,000 farmers within Busia County with the help of KCDMS. Thus far, 1500 have been inseminates through Fixed Time Artificial Insemination. Through the process we already have 150 calves and a number of in-calves,” said Odhiambo.

“We urge farmers to keep less cows but of higher yields to increase their margins,” he said.

In addition to the breeds producing more milk, the new breeds are more more resilient to Busia’s climate.

Busia County officer in charge of Dairy Farming, Radoli Shiundu who was also present and believes that dairy farming is a great priority project in the county.

In support of this project, the county government has distributed about 1,600 dairy cows to farmers in every ward. This scheme went on for the past 5 years now. Furthermore, Busia County has developed two dairy Parks in Butula and Teso North sub counties


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