bomet governor with agriculture

Bomet Governor promises to improve ease of Agriculture

The Governor of Bomet, Hillary Barchok has taken office for his second term and his first actions are within to fight poverty and turning around the agriculture sector in the country.

As he spoke during his swearing-in ceremony a week ago, Prof. Barchok shared these sentiments.

He understands that most people in the country and his location come from humble backgrounds, greatly fueled by agriculture.

“We have seen how deeply our people are suffering in poverty in some parts of the county… my administration has structured out rescue measures and programs to deal with this,” explained Barchok.

In addition, he spoke about how his administration has spoken to farmers to find constant distribution and better market prices.

“Our county is a leader in milk production with over 200million liters annually. However, our farmers still remain to live in extreme poverty without seeing the rewards for their hard work. We are going to work with stakeholders to ensure this is changed,” shared Prof. Brachok

One of the main things he promises to improve is the road network that will ease good transportation.


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