Desilting dams in Uasin gishu

Desilting Dams in Uasin Gishu

Usain Gishu county government is making plans to desilt water dams that are close to a century old. These efforts are in aim to battle climate change.

The Deputy Governor of the region, Daniel Chemno said that climate change has affected many within the county in harsh ways. Additionally, the change in weather patterns has made it difficult for residents to plan.

In efforts to fix this problem, the county government is desilting a number of dams to ensure that year round water supply is a constant.

Desilting Chelabai Damn

The Chelabai Dam in Soy Sub county, occupies 11 acres and is one that the county aims to desilt. A lot of the dams, this one included are located in agriculturally rich areas where farming can be carried out continuously with the availability of water.

“Since our farmers have depended on rainwater for agriculture, the drought has left a lot of the land unutilized. However, with the rehabilitation of the dams, farmers will be able to depend on a reserve of harvested water to take them through the dry season,” shared Chemno

“Farmers will have a new source of reliable water through the dry periods. This will open up the opportunity for in income generating ventures like vegetable growing, passion fruits or Irish potatoes. ” the DG added.

Moreover, he urged the youth in the area to engage in some income generating schemes like small-scale horticultural faming and fish farming. He believes that these small schemes by people in the surrounding area could improve many lives.

Additionally, the county executive member for water and environment, Mary Njogu said that her department urges farmers to plant short term crops. For example, tomatoes, cabbages and sukumawiki are great investments for some short term financial return to utilize the water availability.

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