Free milk cooling systems for Nakuru dairy farmers

County enhancing value addition to stabilise milk market

By Jackosn Okata

Nakuru County is banking on value addition to stabilise raw milk market prices to enable dairy farmers to reap the full benefits.

Farmers will be able to sell their raw milk to cooperatives or processors doing value addition.

Fear of milk spoilage has forced farmers to sell to brokers or direct consumers at fluctuating prices influenced by several factors, including supply and demand.

In an effort to revitalise the dairy value chain sub-sector, the county has started supplying farmers with value addition equipment.

The package includes milk pasteurisers, dispensers and cooling systems to be managed by the farmers through organised groups.

According to the county Department of Agriculture, the provision of dairy value addition equipment is one of the strategies to enhance the competitiveness of the sector.

The acting county director for livestock production, Ms Virginiah Ngunjiri, said the milk pasteurisers would revolutionise and enhance food safety.

She spoke during the presentation to two dairy groups in Rongai and Kuresoi North sub-counties of a 500-litre milk pasteuriser, 300-litre milk dispenser and 1,000-litre milk cooling system each to enhance the safe storage of milk.

“We are targeting the sale of milk in the most hygienic and environmentally friendly way, ultimately making it affordable,” said Ms Ngunjiri.

Through rapid cooling of raw milk, the county will ensure that the quality of milk is preserved until it reaches the cooperative collection centre.

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