How Sistema.Bio Is Improving Kenyans’ lives through Affordable Biogas Solutions.

Ann Kagendo (pictured below) got her biogas installation over one year ago. Before this, she was cooking with firewood.

Ann Kagendo being interviewed on how installing Sistema Biogas digester has helped her mother.

Apart from being a tedious job, it was time consuming and she constantly smelled of smoke.

She was also shocked when she took her ailing mother to the hospital and the doctor asked her mother: “How long have you been smoking cigarettes?”

“I was shocked. My mother had never smoked a cigarette her in life!” said Ann.

“She, however, has always cooked with firewood. Could the smoke have caused this?”Ann wondered.

Yes, it could, her doctor confirmed. Cooking with firewood and charcoal over an extended time exposes one’s lungs to the risk of diseases.

Despite Ann’s mother not smoking, her lung report showed extreme damage. The elderly woman was also surprised that this is a common story in Kenya, for women who frequently cook with firewood.

The medical report fuelled Ann’s desire to get a biogas unit for her mother. Recently Ann joined, as a sales agent; the company that sold and installed her biogas unit, determined to spread the biogas gospel to farmers across the country.

With two biodigester sales under her belt in her first week, Ann is on track to helping her mother and many other Kenyans’ enjoy clean and affordable energy.

“I share with the farmers how they can save money by switching to biogas, teach them how to grow healthy food using the biofertilizer, a bi-product of the animal waste processed and tell them how this rich organic mixture from my Sistema 12 biogas unit, is enough to fertilise my 2 acre shamba and that I no longer need or use harsh chemicals on my farm,” she adds.

“Above all, smoke, is no longer a guest in my house,” she says.

Biogas protects the environment is saving Kenyan farmers over Ksh1 million, every 10 years.

“We create value from chicken, cows, pigs, sheep and goat waste. Biogas is an environmentally friendly clean source of energy that gives farmers several hours of cooking gas per day, saves them money and offers an organic fertiliser output,” says Ms Jes Carey, the Sales & Training Manager for
“We support farmers’ access to innovative bio-digester technology, training and financing, to address poverty, food insecurity, and climate change”.

An affordable solution that saves you money

Our high-quality, affordable bio-digesters, help farmers convert their waste into clean cooking gas, run their chaff-cutters and get organic fertiliser (biofertiliser), which keeps their gardens full of lush and nutritious, chemical free vegetables.

Enjoy flexible interest-free repayment plans and comprehensive monitoring services for WAY LESS NOW. We are lowering our deposit for installation this April 1, 2021 to Ksh8,400 to make access to Biogas inevitable here in Kenya.

Our wealth of experience gained from operating for 11 years in different countries in Latin America, East Africa and Asia makes a good partner.

Our teams have been helping smallholder farmers and farmer networks in Kenya for four years now, ensuring that they become more sustainable, independent, and productive.

We value our customers, and save them money. We work hard, because farmers work hard!

Call us for free today through 0800 720109 for a free telephone consultation or write to us on and we will guide you through the easy process of modernising your family with Biogas!



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