This picture shows the irrigation projects undergoing in Tana River to battle drought

Irrigation in Tana River

The severe drought in the country has especially affected people in semi-arid areas like Tana River. The Government is planning an irrigation project to help out these residents.

The National Irrigation Authority (NIA) is running three major irrigation schemes in Tana River. Namely these are; Galana Kulalu food Security Project, Tana and Bura Irrigation Schemes.

In Mikinduni Ward, 500 homes stand to benefit from the irrigation project coming up. Farmers in the Makere area have planted maize that is to be harvested in November. The Kenya Climate-Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) are putting in place a number of projects in Tana River. Amongst these is the Makere Ya Gwano Small Scale Irrigation Project that is estimated to be about Sh32million.

Peter Monyoki, KCSAP Coordinator in Tana River.

KCSAP is a 5-year project jointly funded by the World Bank and the Government of Kenya. Further, it hosts US$250 million (Sh25 billion) across 24 Counties.

Mr Peter Munyoki, KCSAP coordinator in Tana River shared that they are reviving two other minor irrigation schemes in Hasako in Madogo Ward and in Hewani in Garsen West Ward. The aim of this is  to assist farmers to improve their farm produce.

Furthermore, farming will be sustainable in the long run through the use of solar-powered water absorption systems. KCSAP also gives seeds to farmers that take a short time to harvest.

For example they are supplying green grams, cassava help as well as bee and goat farming. The drought across the country is terrible and such initiatives are helping ease the burden.

Read more about the schemes HERE

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