Kenyan logistics start-up Amitruck raises seed funding in efforts to expand within Africa

Amitruck is a digital trucking logistics company that raised US$4 million through seed funding to expand across Africa.

San Francisco-based VC firm Better Tomorrow Ventures that centres on entrepreneurs in their early phases lead the fundraising. Dynamo Ventures, Rackhouse Ventures, Flexport, Knuru Capital, Launch Africa Ventures, Uncovered Fund, and a number of strategic angel investors were also involved in this round of funding.

Currently, the firm aims to compete in the haulage and logistics market within Africa. Over 80% of all products transported fall within this sector and Amitruck hopes to effectively work within this market.

Amitruck is a trucking logistics marketplace that has been in operation since 2019. The firm aims to bring trust, transparency, and efficiency to the transportation industry. Through connecting transporters and cargo owners directly either online or on their mobile application, Amitruck eliminates the need for middlemen.

“We are happy with the good reviews Amitruck continues to receive from both cargo owners and transporters. Furthermore, it pleases us to be a part of that journey because transportation touches practically every area of the African economy and is critical to its development. Amitruck aims to extend our footprint across Africa and adding additional carriers and shippers to our marketplace thanks to the assistance of our investors,” said Amitruck’s CEO and founder Mark Mwangi.

Amitruck currently has a directory of over 8,000 vehicles that have completed about 100,000 deliveries for 300 corporate clients. Additionally, the milestone effort occurred in a commendable two years. As a result, sales increased by 1,000 percent in 2021.


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