Maize purhcase price goes up to Sh3000

Maize purchase price goes up to Sh3000!

Maize farmers across the country are in celebration as the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) increase the purchasing price for a 90kg bag of maize to Sh3000.

According to the board, all payments for bags f maize are to be made within 24 hours of delivery.

As per information shared by the Board, they are purchasing maize for commercial purposes. Furthermore, they urge all farmers who have harvested or are in the process of to deliver their produce to their nearest NCPB depot.

“This new price will ensure that farmers get their just due on their maize as our weighing services are extremely accurate,” NCBP Managing Director Joseph Kimote shared.

To farmers increased joy, there will be no administrative conditions for anyone to deliver maize to the board. The only condition mentioned is that the maize meets the Kenya Bereau of Standards (KEBS) Grade I and Grade II standards.

In addition to the purchase, Mr Kimote said that the Board would also offer storage facilities at affordable rates. Farmers can choose to store their maize with the Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) or under regular warehousing.

Post-harvest services such as drying, grading, cleaning and aflatoxin are services the Board also want to offer.

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