New Warehouse Receipt System

New Warehouse Receipt System

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A warehouse receipt system for Farmers and agro-processors across the country is finally here.

The new Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) aims to assist alleviate the issues of poverty and food insecurity. Through reducing waste, post-harvest losses farmers and the entire sector is set to thrive. On the 14th of January Agriiculture Cabinet Secretary (CS) Mr. Peter Munya was at National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) Kitale store in Trans Nzoia County. The CS unveiled the WRS, which has been under pilot in several parts of the country.

Addressing farmers, representatives of various stakeholders and development partners, Munya hailed the initiative. If the project is well implemented, it would effectively address challenges faced by grain and livestock farmers in the country.

Besides stabilizing market prices and earning farmer’s better profits, the CS said the receipt system would also reduce pressure on farmers who most of times were forced to dispose of their produce immediately after harvest when market prices were usually low.

“Instead, the system enables farmers to make informed decisions, such as when to sell their produce by giving them the alternative against selling under distress at harvest time when prices are low,” added Munya.




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