Pasture seeds distributed in Narok

Narok Farmers are relieved after the county government gave out pasture seeds worth Sh1.8 million. This was done through Agriculture Sector Development Support Programme Phase Two (ASDSP II) and will boost livestock production. Th pasture seeds distributed in Narok are set to benefit many.

The County Chief Officer for Agriculture spoke to the public during the launch of seeds distribution at Ololulunga area. He said that this programme would increase the production of milk and meat during dry seasons.

Additionally, Kenya Seed Company provided the seeds in an effort to ensure that the quality was maintained for all regions.

“The Kenya Seed company officials will work closely with the farmers’ groups to train and monitor best farming practices … We are sure that the seeds are the best for the region,” he said.

Vincent Kinyua, the county ASDSPII coordinator said that the seeds impact on the pasture will double milk production from the current 5 liters.

“We hope that the pasture produced from the seeds will help farmers improve their production.” he said.

Farmers views

Mr Kinyua called on farmers in the county to form organized groups to better benefit from the programmes that the government offers.

Solomon Ole Koros, a beneficiary of the program applauded the government for the seeds. Moreover, he acknowledged that they would increase the quality and quantity of milk in the area.

“We are proud of our government because they care about the farmers. The pasture from the seeds will not only give us a lot of milk but the product will be thicker. Due to more proteins and nutrients,” said Ole Koros.

During prolonged dry spells, the farmer lamented that they were forced to visit far off places to look for pasture for their animals. but with the seeds, the farmers are optimistic that they will have a steady supply of food all the seasons.

More information about the pasture seeds and the Narok county available at; https://narok.go.ke/



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