Maize flour subsidy

Plans for maize flour subsidy

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya promised to conduct an audit of millers contracted to provide subsidized maize.
On Wednesday, a day after the general election, CS Munya spoke at Muthara market in Meru County, the CS made claims that some farmers were intentionally hoarding the commodity despite having received money from the government. “Some unscrupulous millers are hoarding cheap maize flour with the hope of selling it at a higher price after the subsidy is over,” said Mr. Munya.

However, it was made clear from his speech that the government would not tolerate this and was working to follow up. The main objective bieng to identify millers not supplying the maize flour as per the directions given.

“We must come down hard on these millers since they are stealing from the common Mwananchi’s taxes” the CS added.

Furthermore, the government has teams across the country monitoring the situation and daily updates are being reported back. Additionally, he spoke on help welcome from every Kenyan who would like to report any matters around the same.

“The government is in talks with countries in the COMESA region having bumper maize harvests. The aim is to access cheap maize for the local market,” said CS Munya.

Dealers are already buying maize from these countries but there is no guarantee when it comes to adequate quantities.

The CS assured Kenyans that they have engaged enough millers to supply at the recommended price of Sh100 and below.

“A total of 129 millers, both large and medium scale have been enlisted to participate in the program for an initial four weeks, effective 22nd July 2022,” said Mr. Munya.


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