Day old chicks

Poultry farming boost in Kisumu county

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Kenya is working in partnership with the County of Kisumu to promote poultry farming. The main aim is to improve agricultural production as a key pillar in ensuring food security over years to come.

Furthermore, while this is being done, extra income is expected to improve the general quality of life.

Kisumu County has one of its fastest growing poultry sectors in the country, as such, investing in it means working to help a movement already on an upwards trajectory.

Efforts by FAO to leverage this opportunity have come in the form of disbursing day-old chicks valued at Sh11 million to poultry farmers. Through the Urban Food Systems project; that targets rural-urban communities in the community, the activity was successfully executed.

The ambitious project benefitted 100 farmers from Kisumu East, Kisumu central, Nyando and Kisumu West sub-counties. Collectively residents were issued with 10,000-day-old chicks to promote poultry farming.

County Executive Community Member Gilchrist Okuom commended the work by FAO and looks forward to all it will do for the people of Kisumu county. Moreover, an urge to look after the birds was the emphasis Mr Okuom returned to. A strong belief from all present was that profit from the birds and eggs could significantly boost the quality of life for everyone.

Additionally, the fortunate farmers received a three-day training course. The main focus areas were poultry housing, brooder establishment, feeds, disease control amongst a lot more. The key believed was to educate as much as equip the farmers with all that was necessary.

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