Sistema Bio turning Waste to Energy!

Sistema bio is a firm that has taken the statement ‘one man’s garbage, is another man’s treasure’ literally, well to some degree. The biodigester firm raised $15.6 million in efforts to reach 1 million farmers by 2025 with clean and renewable energy.

The money was raised through a Series B investment and the advisory of AXA Investments Management. In addition to previous investors, this round saw KawiSafi Ventures and AXA IM Alts join Alphamundi, Beneficial Returns, Dila Capital, EcoEnterprises Fund, Factor[e], KIVA, Lendahand, OPES Fund, OpenRoad Alliance and Satila as investors in

The Sistema bio team came together in Mexico in 2010. The company exists to service a wide range of agricultural and sanitation operations. Additionally, because of its prefabricated technology, as well as its reproducible business model, Sistema bio can effectively serve one billion people on over 200 million farms.

Major concerns for the company are hunger, malnutrition, and climate change in developing countries. And they combat these issues by supplying farmers with unique biodigester technology, training and financial support.

Furthermore, the innovative techniques explored by Sistema allows farmers across the world to easily convert waste into renewable energy.

In 2021, Sistema bio sold over 14,000 units and opened a new production facility in India, among other achievements.

Currently the Sistema has over 200,000 consumers in 30 countries. The company is now the global leader in distributed biogas technology, service, and financing. Additionally Sistema bio operates in Mexico, Colombia, Kenya, and India.

Conclusively, Sistema bio is trying to show farmers across the world that renewable energy is achievable and more importantly, necessary.

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