The National ArgAbility Project

The National AgrAbility Project was modelled after Purdue Extension’s Breaking New Ground Resource Centre. Purdue University hosted the event and celebrated 30 years of creating accessibility to agriculture for people with disabilities. Secondly, educational programs that advance personal capabilities and inclusion of technology, networking and personal consultation are some features of this. The NAP and 20 AgrAbility projects (SRAPs) address various disabilities, functional challenges and health issues faced by agricultural workers

Moreover, people with disabilities gain from AgrAbility and how it offers them access to technology and information. However, they continue to move forward to meet the needs of larger populations that remain underserved. Veterans and caregivers are a priority for this program but not the limited group.

“Without Voc-Rehab (Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services) and AgrAbility, I wouldn’t be able to do it,” said Mark Hosier, an AgrAbility client.

In October 2021, AgrAbility plan to work in the AgrAbility Virtual State Fair on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, SRAP organizer is to highlight how they plan to support and serve in different states on each day of the state fair.

“We are excited for this year’s AgrAbility Virtual State Fair to share nationwide agriculture resources. Additionally, to speak on success stories with those with a disability already working or interested in agriculture.”

Finally, improving and enhancing the quality of life for our farmers, ranchers and agricultural workers is the main aim.


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