Beehives in Meru and the new dawn farmers

The County Government of Meru is researching the most productive way to execute beekeeping in all of the 11 sub-countries. Beehives in Meru and how it’ll form a new dawn for farmers in the future.

The County Cultural Centre CEO, Mr Kinyua shared more on the task. He said that his center had been trusted with the task of connecting with the National Research Institute. This was done with the intention of providing the much needed required technical and professional assistance.

Mr Kinyua noted that the objective is to ensure efficiency in the beekeeping industry that is being underused. This in turn will benefit farmers and the larger county’s economic development.

In addition, the county had begun pilot phases in sub-counties, so this research is a further step in the beekeeping endeavours. The initial 4,000 beehives in place in each sub-county total to 44,000 across the county.

Beehives in Meru and the new dawn for farmers

The cultural center completed a training program for 110 to-be bee-farmers who came from the 11 sub-counties. Thereafter, 10 of them were appointed to manage sub-county bee villages.

The trained farmers are expected to disseminate their gained knowledge to members in their community. Furthermore, as they venture into bee farming, they are expected to help with demonstration on farms for all interested parties.

Additionally, the CEO shared that the target is to have 10,000 beehives in each sub-county. This number of hives would result in 40kg of honey per hive per harvest.

‘The County expects to harvest about 13,200 tons of honey from the sub-county bee villages annually.  And a total income of about Sh.6.6billion, since a kilo of honey was selling at Sh.500.’Kinyua said.

Kinyua said the County Government was committed to fully exploit the potential, currently lying-in beekeeping in all the sub-counties, saying besides being an alternative income for farmers and the County, it would cushion horticulture and rain fed crop farmers from exploitation by traders and brokers, who keep on lowering farm produce prices to boost their profits and commissions.

Conclusively, the government is committed to fully exploit the potential of beekeeping in the County. Furthermore, the creation of alternative sources of funds for farmers in the county is a great driver. The creation of other sources of dependable markets for farmers means they have more power in the industry.


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