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Get durable, efficient and easy to use farm equipment from Fyeka Ventures

Have you ever bought, say, a chaff cutter only for it collapse a few weeks later, when you were expecting years of usage?

You are not alone. With the increase in counterfeits that are so similar to the real thing, choosing the right brand and distributor, may help you get good equipment and save money.

Ms Charity Kioko, a director at Fyeka Ventures, says the company that provides top Brazilian farm equipment, is changing this narrative one farmer at a time by providing unmatched quality and durability.

“We provide equipment such as chaff cutters, sprayers, weeding, trim and cutting tools and fruit pickers. I want Kenyan farmers to forget the stress and losses caused by frequent breakdowns of equipment and inefficient tools,” says Ms Kioko.

” Our products come from Trapp, a Brazilian manufacturer,” she adds.” These products disappeared from the Kenyan market two years ago, causing concern among customers, “Our supplier went missing when the products had gained traction, which caused a problem,” said Ms Kioko

Down but not out, she attended a trade fair in 2019 in Nairobi and discovered the looking for partners. “I grabbed the opportunity. We started shipping products directly from the manufacturer,” said Ms Kioko

Ms Kesho Kioko, the general manager, says the equipment is durable, efficient, and easy to operate. “Our ageing mothers can easily operate them and they have a life-time warranty,” Kesho adds.

Ideal equipment for domestic and commercial purposes includes fodder crushers, foliage shredders, chopping and ensiling machines and corn strippers.

TRF 80G motor machine

For farmers keen to manage agri-waste, this handy machine breaks down organic matter for both animal feed and compost material.

It cuts and crushes fodder and grinds cereal seeds and husks, stripped corn, sugarcane, manioc foliage and sedge, among others.

Its 4.25mm thick body plates, special steel-cutting blades, anticorrosive treatment and polymerised polyester powder painting, ensure great durability and better finishing.

It weighs only 44 kilogrammes and has five sieves; 0.8mm, 3mm, 5mm, 12mm and flat

It has a shredding capacity for green grass and fodder of 4,200kg/hr and milling capacity on dry products, ranging from 180-1200kg/hr, depending on the size of the screen and the type of grain.

It is recommended that one crushes several times to improve decomposition.

Its fuel capacity is 3.6 litres and consumes one litre per hour.

Shipping and logistics

” We strive to meet and deliver on time,” says Kesho. Items not in stock are ordered from Brazil, and reach the customer in about two months.

Delivery costs and after-sale service

“Our partners in Eldoret serve the North and South Rift. Those in Nyeri serve the Mt Kenya region. Customers outside our reach pay half the delivery cost. Those in Nairobi get free delivery,” says Ms Kioko.

We also set up and offer after-sale technical and maintenance advice and assistance.

Challenges and prospects

One of the company’s biggest challenges is high taxation on imported farm machines and equipment.

“Farm machines were not taxed until last year when a 25 per cent excise duty tax was introduced, increasing market prices,” said Ms Kioko.

A knapsack sprayer that previously retailed at Ksh2,200 now costs Ksh2,850.

Additionally, due the Covid-19 pandemic, events at which traders and farmers would meet were put on hold, which has adversely affected marketing.

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Source:By Zablon Oyugi